Better tasting cum

better tasting cum

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Oct 28, 2011 . Despite there being scientific evidence that shows semen might be good for a. That is, the flavor of semen can be enhanced to taste better.Jul 9, 2009 . I've heard that drinking pineapple juice will make your semen taste better. How long exactly do you need to drink it before it takes effect? 1 hour . Foods with high sugar content are more like to make semen taste sweeter. Other foods that can make semen taste better are parsley, wheatgrass, peppermint . Mar 22, 2005 . Change cum taste Sex and Drugs.. Here is a link to an interesting article on " Better Tasting Cum." It even has a recipe for a "Super Spunk . Nov 9, 2015 . Sugary fruits are one way of making your semen taste better to some people. Not all people like the taste of pineapple, fruity semen, or sugary . Oct 29, 2015 . Former porn star Annie Sprinkle famously claimed she could tell what a man ate based on the taste of his semen. While hers is not exactly a . Mar 24, 2014 . Here are 6 reasons confirmed by science that vegetarians are better lovers.. The foods that men eat do affect the taste of their semen.Raw Food Semen tastes better, along with other sexual fluids. Or at least this is. So I'm wondering why raw foodist have better tasting sexual fluids. Any idea?Oct 9, 2014 . Quite similar to the affect asparagus has on urine scent, semen can be. Staying hydrated is also a key element in tasting better – water flushes . Apr 11, 2014 . Now, I can't vouch personally that vegans taste better.. If his breath and clothes didn't give away his progress, his semen most definitely did.

better tasting cum

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better tasting cum

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